As Alba Plastik A.Ş; We believe that continuous and permanent success will be achieved through the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of management systems.

Therefore, as ALBA PLASTİK;

1. Continuous Improvement is our way of life.

2. We targeted zero defects in our products.

3. We always keep our production, purchasing and other processes dynamic in order to provide our customers with the best price.

4. Our shipment performance goal is 100% compliance with the expectations of our customers.

5. We work with all our strength to achieve the annual and long-term goals we receive from the senior management of our company.

6. While performing all these;

   6.1. We attach utmost importance to the training, participation and satisfaction of our employees.

   6.2. We base our relations with our suppliers on the basis of mutual benefit and adopt their development as a principle in our work.

   6.3. Leadership, coherence and solidarity in management are our basic principles.

   6.4. We always closely follow and implement technological and managerial innovations.

   6.5. We comply with all regulations and laws related to the environment and society, and we fulfill all our obligations on this issue meticulously.

Our management undertakes to all its customers to show all the support and effort required for the full implementation of the above-written policies.




General Manager