As Alba Plastik A.Ş; we believe that continuous and permanent success will be achieved through the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of management systems.


Therefore, we commit,

• To continuously improve all our processes by managing risks and opportunities effectively,

• To meet the expectations of the relevant parties and increase customer satisfaction,

• To carry out all our activities in accordance with national and international legal requirements,

• To spread OHS and Environmental awareness to all our stakeholders, especially our employees,

• To continuously improve the performance of management systems,

• To create a safe and healthy working environment by considering OHS hazards and managing risks,

• To prevent injuries and health deterioration,

• To ensure employee participation,

• To protect the environment, to prevent pollution at its source by considering the environmental dimension of all our activities,

• To take measures to reduce our waste, to use raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently,

• To be sensitive about global warming and climate change and to take measures,

• To convert the waste generated in the production process into useful energy,

• To adapt the continuous improvement philosophy and systems to the Management System in all processes, and that we will continuously improve its efficiency and assimilate it to all personnel.

Our management undertakes to all its customers to show all the support and effort required for the full implementation of the above-written policies.




General Manager